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Rita Blue

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Rita Blue, the next concert, Live Cello, voice, electronics and loops.
Sunday 26 January
20:00 pm open doors. € 4

Address: Plaça Sant Agustí, 3, 08001 Barcelona
Phone:933 42 40 86

Emporium set


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Gipsy Lou

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Next solo show Friday 8th November 2013 at Gipsy Lou, Barcelona.

22:00 hrs. Free Entry…….

Pepe rocking cello final

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New Creation the Atempo Circ. Invisibles

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Invisibles es un nuevo espectáculo de la compañia Atempo Circ que mezcla circo, teatro físico, música en directo y  se presenta en la Fira Tàrrega 2013.

It is a journey of vértigo, emotion and energy. Based in the physical risk of circus, the poetry of the body, the play with objects, the light and the music.

The performance narrates the story of two people, who after a long time of not seeing each other, find each other again. They both know they have things to confront and the time has come to face their past, but nothing is in order. Together they employ their ingenuity to reconstruct the place, undo the shackles, lift the chinese poles and transform the space so that again it is solid and expansive, using the music that moves in the space as their accomplice.

This performance is a result of an investigation that was born from the disciplines of circus, doublé chinese poles and the principal instrument, the Cello.

  • Foto PortadaArtistic Director: Miguel Angel Soto
  • Assistant/Scene Director: Yevgeni Mayorga
  • Original Music: Pepe Arias
  • Performers: Pepe Arias, Miguel Angel Soto
  • Light Design: Atempo Circ
  • Costume: Atempo Circ
  • Video: Philippos Vardakas, Despina Economopoulou.
  • Production: Atempo Circ
  • Collaborators: La Central del Circ, 23 Arts – Brothers Projections.





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Centro de Artes MUTUO

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Thank you to everyone who came to support me and my cello on Thursday 20th June at Mutuo Art Centre. It was a wonderful evening and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to share with you all.
Please follow this blog to see the photos of the show, shot by the very talented and super photographer EDWIN TOONE.
A very special gift, thank you.


Gracias a todos los que asistieron a mi encuentro con el Violonchelo el dia jueves 20 junio pasado en el centro de Artes MUTUO. . Fue muy hermoso, espero pronto volver a verlos .
Mira este blog del SUPER fotógrafo EDWIN TOONE.
A regalo este trabajo para que todos lo tengamos en el recuerdo.

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LP ''The Cello and the bath '' By Pepe Arias on May 22, 2013
On sale now, the LP ”The Cello and the bath ”, four songs composed for cello and voice.




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Emporium UKBy Pepe Arias on May 18, 2013

Thank you Emporium for the generous invitation to perform for your grand opening. It was a priviledge to play in such an exciting new venue. I am looking forward to my return and getting to know a bit more about Brighton way of life. Also many thanks to Charlotita and her great hospitality in Shoreham on sea.

Emporium. Brighton. UK.

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