Music and Projects


Atempo Circ

Borned in Barcelona in 2009 as a project of research in new forms of creation and artistic exchange based in circus, dance and theatre.
Its creators Matías Marré Medina, Marilén Ribot, Miguel Soto and Pepe Arias started the project mixing and sharing their circus, choreographic and musical visions, in the research of a performing language that is original, energetic and poetic.

Currently we are a platform of circus, dance and music creators sharing this starting spirit, developing projects where the movement, the body expression and the music is the base of our creations, shows where the image, poetry, rythm and risk are fundamental keys.





Created by British dancer and yogini Lucy Beckwith and Chilean Cellist and composer Pepe Arias. YO/MU  is a project born from a hunger to break the rules and open the world of Yoga to the healing and energising elements of live music. Lucy’s dynamic dance like Vinyasa sequence is inspired by Pepe’s fusion of electronic beats and live cello. Intuitive Improvisation is the key word for Pepe’s performance, a talented and multi diverse musician he moves from cello to Maschine to electric guitar with a flow that is undescribably unique and in perfect unison with the posture that is being executed on the floor.



Gonzalez Contreras

This diverse union was born from two strong multi talented musicians and film makers. Their harmony together is what finally united them on a path of exploration and interaction. Fluency and improvisation are the keys that modulate their work in the studio. This work is the result of their synergy, in which one day they decided to unconsciously connect and confront a world where nothing is written and anything goes. This is the essence of GONZÁLEZ CONTRERAS according to their respective passports. 2 numbers, 2 faces and a denomination of origin “CHILE”.



Philip Vitali

Was born in the streets of Barcelona when the Uruguayan Percussionist Leonardo Trincabelli, the Canarian Guitarist Gora Casado and the Chilean Chelista Pepe Arias meet and decide to try the experience of putting together their music and instruments.