By Richard Hardley

By Richard Hardley

Born in Santiago Chile, Arias began to explore music at the age of 8 years old but it was not until he was 23 years old that by pure chance someone gave him a cello. This gift became his obsession and his passion. His instinct for the cello drove him to study on his own and begin classical training. After his classical studies and during his work as a producer of electronic music he realized his need to develop his own voice as a soloist and composer.Arias has dedicated a great part of his life collaborating and touring as a composer and performer for rock bands, theatre, dance and circus companies. He has produced, directed and performed unique classical and electronic compositions for a variety of artistic ventures and film. Most recently he has been touring in Europe with the company Atempo Circ as a musician and composer. Based in Barcelona since 2007, Arias has now found his voice and is focused on developing his career as a soloist.


  • Award Best World Peformanceo Umore Azoka,  Atempo Circ. (Leioa, España).
  • Award FAD Sebastiá GaschD Árts Parateatrales,  Atempo Circ. (Barcelona, España).
  • 1º Place National Composition for  Medio Ambiente de Conama. (Santiago, Chile).
  • 1ºPlace Festival de Telefónica, Best Performance (Santiago, Chile).

FESTIVAL AND PERFORMANCE CREDITS Glastonbury Festival (Inglaterra), National Theatre (Inglaterra), Sirf 10 Stockton (Inglaterra), Ansan Street Arts Festival (Corea del sur), Circo Price (España), Fira Tárrega (España), Festival Trapezi (España), Tac Valladolid (España), Pistas de Lancement (Bélgica), Festival Fácil (España), Les Etoiles (Francia), Festival Onderstroom (Holanda).


Pepe plays Cello Mantegazza, Pietro Giovanni 1785